Train with Ellis, Russell and Christopher Prach,

Heat Exchanger Experts


Ellis Prach has worked in the business for over 40 years. He has owned and operated his own successful heating business and tours the nation regularly delivering seminars. Author of the Heat Exchanger Experts® Residential Heat Exchanger Manual, Ellis is considered one of the foremost experts when it comes to finding cracked heat exchangers.

His residential furnace inspection manual will show you how to inspect heat exchangers thoroughly, yet efficiently, so that you can be satisfied you are doing the best job you can for your customers.

The dependable, practical techniques shown in his manual were developed over a 40-year span of furnace inspections and installations.

Russell Prach, son of Ellis, has grown up in this industry. Shadowing his father, Russell has acquired Ellis’ expertise and is eager to pass it along. Russell’s passion and enthusiasm for this trade is contagious. You will see his enthusiasm transpire in his teaching methods as he captures the attention of each and every student. Both contractors, and home inspectors alike, leave the class inspired and excited to use their new found knowledge in the field.

Meet the newest trainer on our team, Christopher Prach. Although new to the training, growing up in this industry under Ellis, heat exchangers are very familiar to Christopher. The knowledge he brings from his extensive field experience, accompanied by the expertise passed down from his father, Christopher makes a great addition to the instructing team.


Have a difficult furnace inspection?

Contact Ellis or Russell and they, most likely, can walk you through it over the phone.



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Thank you for the expert training you provided to our staff on several occasions. Prior to receiving this training, we felt comfortable inspecting and tuning up furnaces. After your training I was very concerned we may have unintentionally given some furnaces a clean bill of health. This is the same concern I hear from most service technicians after receiving your training.

Brad Tanner - President, Triple T Heating and Cooling

In the short time since I first attended your presentation in Pittsburgh last summer, I feel that I have probably saved numerous lives by being able to detect dangerous defects in furnace heat exchangers.

David M. Carson - Certified Real Estate Inspector, FHA 203k Consultant

…(We) have never experienced a more informative class than yours… Every tech was in shock to find out that probably most of the furnaces they have been in contact with over the years have a crack in the heat exchanger and they did not see it…

Mark Hutchins - Service Manager, Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning

The training you afforded my service staff has proven to be some of the most valuable training that we have provided our employees…

Robert Newton - Manager, Ideal Energy Home Service Dept.

When it comes to heat exchangers, Prach knows his stuff. When there are cracks or other problems in a heat exchanger, Prach knows where to look and what to do…

The Air conditioning / Heating /Refrigeration News, 03/07/2002

Since (taking) that class, (our two service technicians) have found dozens of dangerously cracked heat exchangers they would not have found without the class. I think we are providing our customers with far better service and a much safer environment.

Clyde Wadsworth - Service Manager, APH Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Heating Service Company


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